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Guardrail - this refers to the industrial "fence". Guardrails are mainly used for the protection and protection of equipment and equipment in factories, workshops, warehouses, parking lots, business districts, public places and other occasions. Guardrails can be seen everywhere in our days.


Guardrails are made of steel, such as round steel tube, square steel tube or profiled steel sheet, iron wire。 Surface treatment process: full automatic electrostatic powder spraying (i。e。 spray molding) or spray painting。 The material used for exterior treatment of the guardrail is water repellency data。 The crash barrier is beautiful and hard to rust。


The column used for guardrail is fixed to the ground through expansion bolts. Generally, it is installed on both sides of the logistics channel, the periphery of the production equipment, the corner of the building wall, the two sides of the door and the edge of the cargo counter, etc.


Effectively reduce the damage of equipment and equipment caused by accidental collision when transferring equipment.


The guardrail materials are: aluminium alloy, Ma steel (ductile iron), carbon steel (spraying or galvanizing), stainless steel, plastic steel, zinc steel, PVC and other metal guardrail.


It also plays a protective role in the logistics transfer equipment itself. (For example, the guardrail at the edge of loading and unloading channels can avoid the risk of accidental drop of forklift trucks) The conditions of construction procedure accurate lofting contact surface chipping, pre-embedded reinforcement adjustment steel bar making device formwork device pouring concrete demolition photographic classification guardrail is widely used in municipal engineering, transportation, community and port. With the protection of airports and warehousing areas, these products are becoming more sophisticated and become an important branch of building materials industry. The scale of the industry is expanding and the style is increasing.


According to the material classification of guardrail, there are iron guardrail, stone guardrail, PVC guardrail, wooden guardrail, cement guardrail, plastic steel guardrail, stainless steel guardrail, glass guardrail and so on. According to the function of guardrail, there are balcony guardrail, staircase guardrail, air conditioning guardrail, community guardrail, villa guardrail, anti-theft guardrail, stadium guardrail and so on. According to the decoration characteristics of guardrails, there are art guardrails, iron guardrails, perspective guardrails, floating window guardrails, fence guardrails, American guardrails, European guardrails and so on.


According to the appearance classification: both sides of the wire fence, structural fence, double-ring fence, Meige fence, hooked fence, steel mesh fence quality control 1, the template should be cleaned and brushed before each device release agent, release agent should be uniformly brushed。



2。 Welding and binding of guardrail steel bars should meet the requirements of design and standards, especially the orientation of steel bars measured inside should be accurate。


3。 After template installation, check the side and top side of the template。 The side and top face of the template must be straight。


4. The surface area of honeycomb linen of guardrail concrete shall not exceed 0.5% of the surface area and the depth shall not exceed 10 mm.


5. One-sided guardrails within the same span should be poured at one time. Steel formwork should be used for the end formwork to ensure the appearance of the end is smooth.


6, there should be no cracking on the guardrail surface and joints。 The wrong platform, smoothness and appearance quality should be dealt with promptly and ensure that the colors are common。 The top is smooth, beautiful and highly shared。


7, the straight line of the guardrail entire bridge is straight and straight, and the arc of the curve section is straight, without broken line and dead angle.


The above information is organized and published by Shandong Iron Fence。 I hope the above information can help you。 If you want to install the Fence in the near future, please contact us。 Our website is http://www。jnwszy。com。 Thank you for your support。

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